Anonymous said:
Qri with childs? Images, please? ;u;

that’s…not really….what this blog is friend

Anonymous said:
Does Qri still keep in contact with her old band members?

Six Color consisted of Jung Kahi, Park Iyagi, Song Yuju, and Ji Yu (and whatever new addition they made, if they even made an addition with the auditions going.)

I do not think at least Qri is in contact with Yuju, she might be, not sure. Cannot find anything connecting the two right now.

Ji Yu is very unsure because I think that is a stage name and I can’t find anything on her either.

Jung Kahi and Park Iyagi though….though she doesn’t follow anybody on twitter by those names, one of her best friend’s on Facebook is friends with two people with those names. Jung Kahi is iffy because she goes by her American name, Park Iyagi is something I’m almost sure of.

sweet-gabriel said:
What variety show is that? (Referring to the long post with the rare variety show Qri)

extra long post dedicated to the rare variety show qri

Anonymous said:
Qri was in a band predebut? Are there pictures floating around?

kind of old news, she was in a band called Six Color.

I dont think I’ve seen new pictures…but here's a tv ad from it

Anonymous said:
Ma fav blog!! But would admins be able to post more photos of Qri? the gifs are nice but more photos would be nice too~

if you’re meaning pictures like edits, probably.

if you are meaning regular like fantaken photos and updates, probably not. we stopped doing that a while ago and leave that for the t-ara updates blogs.

and thank you friend~

Anonymous said:
#justiceforQri but I think Qri is the type that steps back & lets the other members shine. The company must still like her since she sings in some songs first and is center in album covers. <3

….I think she’s just happy to be there and is happy to shine how she shines.

yeah something like that.

Anonymous said:
Who is LE? She sang in Sugar Free instead of the girls? In I Go Crazy Because of You most of the song to be honest sounds like one person is singing too (except for the rap part)

She’s a member of the group EXID. She sang (much?) of the Sugar Free chorus with someone named Yujin according to the album info.

Anonymous said:
what you just answered explains everything about Lies line distribution lol I'm shocked how many lines Hyomin have. And Qri have none.

#Illuminati #FollowtheMoney

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