Anonymous: Can i request Qri sassy/bitchy gifs?

sure, though I kind of made a post like this months ago here, but I can definitely probably throw together a part two if you’d like.

fun fact.

Qri apparently went to the same high school (주엽고등학교) as Lee Jihyun, former member of Jewelry, though that Lee Jihyun was three years older than her. Kwanghee from ZE:A I believe also went to this high school.

Juyeob High School is located right off of the Orange Line subway stop for Daehwa. It is located in the Ilsan-Goyang area of Seoul, which could possibly be the area where Qri grew up in. This is a little less vague then just saying Seoul.

rangitau: Where do you find the videos of t-ara in the gossip girls outfits? I seen them everywhere but dont know where to find them

They recently went to Japan for a fan meet event.

You can see a lot of videos from this particular channel. I know on retro403’s Instagram they also have some clips from it.

Anonymous: can you find me the pic of qri with cat ears on and shes taking a selca


that’s from the 140106 fansigning. You can see the Qulwang photos on the first page of our fantaken tag here. Those are the immediate ones.

Qri Discography [ 2009 through mid-2014 ]

Apple is A, Apple is A [J], Bo Peep Bo Peep, Bo Peep Bo Peep [J], Bye Bye, Bye Bye [J], 私がとても痛くて (I’m Really Hurt) [J], Bunny Style, Like the Beginning, Cry Cry, Cry Cry ballad, Cry Cry [J], Dangerous Love, Day by Day, Day by Day [J], Falling U, LiesGoodbye OK, I’m Okay, Like A Wind, 初めてのように (Like the Beginning) [J], I’m So Bad, I Really Really Like You, Good Person, Keep Out [J], Lies [J], Log In, Lovey Dovey, Lovey Dovey [J], あなたのせいで狂いそう (I Go Crazy Because Of You) [J], Ma Boo, I Don’t Know, I’m Really Hurt, Love AllYou You You, I Go Crazy Because of You, Wanna Play?, O My God, One & One, Roly Poly, Roly Poly [J], Roly Poly in Copacabana, Roly Poly in Copacabana [J],  Love Game, Sexy Love, Sexy Love [J], Soap Bubbles, Sign, T-aratic Magic Music [J], Hue, Holiday, Don’t Leave, Tic Tic TocTTL (Time to Love)TTL2 (Time to Love 2)TTL (Time to Love) [J]We Were in Love, Why Are You Being Like This?, We Are the One*, Wonder Woman, Why Are You Being Like This? [J], YaYaYa, YaYaYa [J], Forever LoveWomen’s GenerationBingeul Bingeul, Target, Deja Vu, Beautiful Sniper, Happy Birthday to You, 1977 기억 안나, What Should I Do, Number 9 (Remix), I Know the Feeling, Hurt, Don’t Get Married, (added): Bikini, Hide & Seek [+ winter ver.], First Love, Just Now, Lucky Wannabeee!, Number 9 (Jp.), Lead the Way, Keep on Walking, Knock’n on my Heart, MUSICA MUSICA, What Should I Do (Jp.), La’booN, A-HA, Memories~ the Guidance You Gave Me, T.T.L (Jp. Remix).

*Do We Do We (Qri solo) [x