" qri unnie will you give us a heart? “

favorite: era of t-ara. asked by anon.

qri predebut (insp. x )

my ultimate is prettier than yours~

my ultimate is prettier than yours~

happy 5th anniversary to our music video queens, our ot6, and our favorite girls of variety, t-ara. you all work harder and put more energy into your passion than I could ever inspire to. thank you for all of your hard work and endless discography. stay strong and continue to have fun for a long long time. #티아라5주년축하해♥

Anonymous: What kind of music does Qri like? What are some artists that she likes? ^^

She said she likes random genres, upbeat ones that are fun. Some specific artists are Namie Amuro, Geeks, MBLAQ, Fin.L.K, D-Unit, uBEAT, 9Muses, H.O.T, Epik High, SAMP.

*bolded are her favorite artists, the others are from her old CyWorld playlist.

Anonymous: What are Qri's hobbies and interests?

Hobbies: bowling, partying, shopping with her friends, playing bass, watching Korean movies when they have a break as a group, her friends and her go out to Hongdae and Gangnam during her free time to get food (especially ice cream), they also hang out when she has free time but they stay over at pricier hotels and party (she likes to take pictures of alcohol a lot and has since predebut), and she likes to go get her nails done somewhere near the SM building sometimes. She also likes playing piano and drawing too.

Interests: a lot of her interests are in beauty related things, beauty drinks, taking bubble baths and going to spas with her friends, she seems to like k-hiphop somewhat (some Zino, Geeks, Swings, etc.) but also random other genres, she likes dyeing her own hair and trying out products in Japan, has a special love for shoes and Chanel which is known.

galaxiao: Was there an explanation for that time Qri posted on Instagram where they were on a set and it said "Roly Poly" ? (I think Eunjung had white hair??)

Yeah, around sometime last year during the span of Number 9 through What Should I Do, the group rerecorded a lot of their music videos from the past. Hyomin had also posted pictures from the music video sets somewhere. For what purpose, I am not 100% sure. I remember maybe seeing the word CF at one point. It appears they might be advertising something with the chibi stuff but again, not completely sure. I think I saw Roly Poly, YaYaYa, and possibly Sexy Love also being on the list of releases to come out soon as remade, rather, I know those first two were definitely recorded, and I think I saw the uploader mention Sexy Love and more to come out soon. If more info comes out I’ll be sure to mention it. Hell it could be for their anniversary in a few days, I know the dots are holding a special video event for it.