hot-place asked: 工 ❤ ㄚ◯∪! Send this to 10 blogs that you love (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ ♥

thank you thank you bb <3

04-22 / 11:37
Anonymous asked: Hey! I'm trying to find more Qri to fill my dash, do you have any reccommendations for blogs?

we used to update a lot more and I’m sorry for not being able to give you guys a lot of Qri the last couple of weeks..but the blog is going to be more active hopefully after this Monday or so (to help the void on the tag)

as for other Qri, I’m sure there are other blogs, though I personally just don’t follow them. I know jikyul sometimes makes Qri things on heyt-ara because that’s her bias and also there’s an extreme lack of Qri on that blog because of the tight affiliation with QK. Other than that you can try the tag to see who is making what but none are immediately coming to mind sorry ;;

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jikyul asked: I've seen this ABCs of Jiyeon and I was wondering if you could maybe do something similar for Qri?

jesus christ uhhhhhhhh

this one….this one requires consistency for 26 letters..

and if you have seen the series I start…I do not complete them, but if I find inspiration yea yea sure definitely

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imyoonazations asked: Hi :). Do you know who that girl is with Qri in Europe? Short red hair. Thanks :)

Eunbyul from Gangkiz~

04-19 / 18:43
Anonymous asked: Qri body porn photoset, please? ;u;

maybe if one of us can come up with something!

04-19 / 10:18

So….Qri posted three of admin brandinator’s scans on her Instagram yall……

you guys..

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