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What's Qri and Boram's couple name? I find it odd not being able to find much pictures of gifs of them together except a few selcas

RamKyul is what I’ve always used

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whoa super speedy! thanks again <333

no problem at all~

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hi, this is weird but can you post the html code of your theme? the original pastebin has been removed and its a really nice theme. thanks, love the blog and ofc qrisus <3

there you go pal

qri being the walking definition of the word extra

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Bless you

bless your blog for informing me t-ara weekly idol is definitely a thing, and a thing i need to jump on when i get home♥

blesses all around~

this video is entitled, my life is in actual shambles.

Anonymous said:
Is there anything else you know about her life before T-ara? Did she quit her band or did it just dissolve as she was modeling at the same time? And she never played the bass again?

off the top of my head no. most of these replies are me having to piece old information together the best way I can because it’s kind of hard to find information on Qri ya know?

I don’t know much about her band. I know they were auditioning for a new member in 2009 according to the Daum posts, same year T-ARA debuted. I think Qri left the band. Either way it fell apart as far as I can see.

Her ulzzang career was before the band because it is in her member position information about previous CFs and modeling related things.

Eh…I figure she still plays the bass. Diadem got her a really nice bass for 1212 last year and she really appeared to like it. She also played a tiny bit turning Treasure Box on a selfcam and also in one or two previous small videos before.

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Qri with childs? Images, please? ;u;

that’s…not really….what this blog is friend

Anonymous said:
Does Qri still keep in contact with her old band members?

Six Color consisted of Jung Kahi, Park Iyagi, Song Yuju, and Ji Yu (and whatever new addition they made, if they even made an addition with the auditions going.)

I do not think at least Qri is in contact with Yuju, she might be, not sure. Cannot find anything connecting the two right now.

Ji Yu is very unsure because I think that is a stage name and I can’t find anything on her either.

Jung Kahi and Park Iyagi though….though she doesn’t follow anybody on twitter by those names, one of her best friend’s on Facebook is friends with two people with those names. Jung Kahi is iffy because she goes by her American name, Park Iyagi is something I’m almost sure of.

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What variety show is that? (Referring to the long post with the rare variety show Qri)
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