So….Qri posted three of admin brandinator’s scans on her Instagram yall……

you guys..

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Guys I’m sorry for not being able to update recently..

I’ll be able to be around next Friday. I have a lot going on in school right now.. I’m sorry again.


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jikyul asked: Can I request something? ;3; I wanted to see of you guys could do a set of edits/gifs of Qri in pig tails or that thing she does when she ties it in the front. Sorry if that doesn't make sense. ;;

Ties it in the front? Tweet us an example

added to the pending list

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Small gift for QK followers~

Long story short, I was messing around with one of my QBS albums and converted the Like a Wind PV in clear HD (at least compared to the Youtube version) into mp4 and uploaded it to my docs. Sorry to those who like using .ts but I know KMPlayer at least for myself and a few others have a harder time playing those types of files. If you’d like the download please message me on my main not to spam the other admin, but please be a follower of QK. I’ll be giffing it and other member scenes probably tomorrow here and on heyt-ara! 

Sorry it’s not a big gift or anything but the YT quality for that music video is a tragedy and yeah. If I do link you, please do not redistribute the file..I just wanted to do something small for our followers!

*I’m also uploading the hd format of the Qri member video of Lead the Way. Just ask for either or. This will also be in mp4 just for the convenience of our followers. I know the uploads we had for all the member versions on fyt-ara’s YT were unfortunately removed.

Fanmail is preferred but I understand if that isn’t an option.

-admin lee-qri

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Qri ending Cry Cry requested by anonymous

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